Redwood Falls, MN

The bell ringing season starts each November and runs through Christmas Eve, when the red kettles are packed away for the season. Volunteers are the difference between an empty kettle and one that raises about $30 per hour – enough to provide a family with two bags of groceries, or shelter an individual for a night.

When you volunteer to bell ring, you help improve, and even save lives. The money dropped in a red kettle goes right back into our local community. By now you’ve likely heard that two hours of your time at a Salvation Army red kettle raises about $60 in donations.

How can I help?  Great question! Simply sign up for a date, time and location that’s convenient for you. A kettle and bell will at your location when you arrive. If there is already a ringer there, just let them know you are the next scheduled volunteer and take over for them. Then, start ringing with a smile. Wish shoppers a “Merry Christmas” and thank people for their donation.

Visit to get signed up!

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